Program Description

FACEGOOD has officially launched MIP (Metaverse Inception Program) in 2022. The vision of FACEGOOD is Make the World of Avatars, and we’ve been committed to this mission. This accelerated program is designed for 3D content production organizations, studios or indie from around the world. We are very willing to receive communication and cooperation from start-up teams in the industry of Advertising, Feature Animation, Gaming, Freelancer, Government, Indie, Reseller, Service Provider, Technology, VFX, Virtual Digital Human, and Student/Education/Academia.
MIP will provide hardware&software of tools and products, financial resources and technical support in the fild of 3D content production, including product, technology and brand marketing support to accelerate the growth and development of entrepreneurial teams, and we encourage them to expand their business to more applications scenes.
FACEGOOD will provide MIP members with software and hardware product support worthing at least 10 million dollars to accelerate their entrepreneurship.

Accelerate Benefits

Product Support
  • Free rental of software and hardware, gifts, discounted purchases, and other corporations will give priority to the test quota of FACEGOOD’s latest technological achievements.
  • New products are available to start-ups before they are prompted to market.
Market Publicity
  • Visit behind-the-scenes entrepreneurial stories for free publicity, forums, exhibitions, and events.
  • Opportunities to showcase in action, government, and industry events.
  • Be invited to participate in various online and offline events organized by FACEGOOD communication activities (technical salons, seminars, developer conferences).
Technical Support
  • Priority to providing technical consultation and fast-track free online training seats.
  • Irregularly invite top industry experts and technical experts at home and abroad for guidance.
Financing&Business Matching
  • FACEGOOD prioritizes business matching and financing docking for MIP member programs (Available for millions of business connections.